A simple "show & tell" way to:
Unleash your ability for getting spiritual help, guidance and insights, direct from God to you personally, anytime you need it, sometimes when you didn't even ask!
Judy was one of 20 in the Unforgettable Speaker Showcase in Philadelphia Nov. 13, 2017. This talk got rave reviews from at least five persons who immediately approached Judy, and a standing ovation. She engaged an enraptured audience from start to finish.


To create success stories, one person at a time.

Never forget: With God, nothing is impossible. And … He likes you!


 Shares Access to Divine Help

She will show you how to connect directly with God as you read her books, attend her workshops or interact with the questions, debriefings, and/or exercises. Judy will tailor her presentation specifically to your group. If you contact her early, you'll have enough time to work with her for the best outcome.
When you book your , Judy Secor, as a speaker, your people will have lots of FUN, be INSPIRED, AMAZED, DELIGHTED, CHALLENGED and ENABLED to go beyond where they are now; and discover more than they ever knew was possible.


    •    Judy can show you how to connect with and hear from God on a regular basis. You can listen to her radio program, "Listening Well" via the link on her Blog page.
    •    E-book coming in the Fall. Those who follow Judy's Blog will get first notice of when it launches, so they can take advantage of the opening week price of 99 cents.
    •    To get a free chapter portion even before it launches, "Like" and "Follow" Judy on her Facebook page, and then use THAT site’s opt in/contact form’s "Comment" section to ask for it.