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"Your writing style is so engaging, so amazing, so real, so inspiring.
I cannot wait to read your book!"
Rev. Ranae Heeres

"I could not put this story down!  Write some MORE!"
Lisa Velasquez

Enjoy the journey through her learning experiences as God taught her how to
let Him carry her through just about everything life can throw at a person.  
You’ll learn God is on a mission to make us strong winners at life by daring to trust
His loving care above that of all other suitors.
Win/win it is, especially when we finally get the courage to let go and let God at least
lead the way through to our much-desired breakthroughs.

Why You Should Read This Book:
If you are open to seeking practical help, wisdom and guidance from God, you will find
this non-fiction, spiritual growth MEMOIR inspiring and highly instructive. People are astounded
by the major disasters, challenges and cruel twists of fate I’ve faced and yet emerged happy,
healthy, and strong. They exclaim, “How did you survive?”
My book reveals exactly how I connected with God’s specific guidance and help, to overcome them all.  
This is powerful stuff!
I show how YOU can test to know for sure who or what is speaking to you; God, other influencers, or
your own emotions. You’ll discover how anyone can consistently connect with God on a powerful,
yet personal, level. And, in time, you can understand enough to connect with God in a variety of ways,
on many levels, to accomplish worthy goals.
True stories in each chapter show how anyone can hear from God to turn at least one life problem
per chapter into a positive and helpful, ear and eye-opener. No-nonsense honesty shines through as
I share my failures, and my raging rants at God, only to find that He is not put off in the least!
He’s hopelessly in love with us. So, He understands, and forgives when we ask. His desire is to help
us trust His will, words and ways so He can work with and for us.

Stress falls away like a dead leaf once you truly accept that God really does love you personally
(and passionately!) enough to help you to overcome anything you face in life. I invite you to experience
being in the center of God’s will. It’s the safest place on earth.
And it’s empowering to relax completely in His strong, wise, tender care.
Then you’ll experience what only God can provide: 
a deep, complete peace that brings joy in your journey towards spiritual maturity.
And who doesn’t want that?

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