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This is my first attempt at blogging, so all you seasoned bloggers, please give me your tips, advice, and questions. My family and friends, neighbors, followers and all interested acquaintances; please let me know what most interests you about this endeavor, like what you would enjoy seeing here on this blog page.

I already have experience in being a keynote speaker, workshop and retreat developer and presenter, trainer, coach and pastoral counselor. But I'm clueless about blogging.

For now, my main goal is to invite you all to partner with me as I make first time author decisions about my first book, which is in progress. For instance, your input on what titles and subtitles for my book brand, (currently I'm thinking it might be, "Spirit Sage Shares: ...title of book" for the SECOND book, as the start of a Bible Study series), and for any possible chapter topics, titles, issues you hope to see. I still need possible titles for this first book; this non fiction MEMOIR. A taste of it is in the right column.

For sure, I'll cover topics like how God helps us overcome barriers, get guidance, discover His wisdom and insight, as well as how to seek, find, hear and properly approach God. This is similar to the required ettiquette class you get before you dare have an audience with a king or queen; because each book's goal is for you to be able to indeed have anytime, one on one, Q&A brain picking audiences with God.
Also, watch this Blog for updates on when books will come out and how they will be launched. Although the first one won't start until Fall of 2017, don't lose heart. I will update this monthly until the book launches, then I may occasionally update the blog more often to keep you in the loop. You can also check my "About Judy's Book" page. See blog INTRO below:


Me with Jack Canfield, author of bestselling Chicken Soup for The Soul series, at a book writer's conference put on by Steve and Bill Harrison at the Marriott Renaissance hotel in Philadelphia.  We had fun sharing insights, silly stuff and connecting with kindred souls and other speakers.

Blog INTRO: "You Should Write a Book!"
All my life, people have emphatically said that to me, whenever I've shared anything about my life with them. I will say, it's been quite an interesting journey, full of surprises leading to insights that blow people away.

I've finally started writing my first book, after taking some top-notch training from the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Would you believe, I got only one story done and then my daughter suddenly died. Now, months later, I've gotten back into the desire of my heart, which is to share, with God's help, how I've been able to bounce back from all sorts of nasty problems. But it seems appalling that it's never too little or too late to experience even more of such challenges! Nonetheless, I wrote four more stories for the book. And the recent feedback on them has been wonderfully helpful and positive. Already I can begin to see themes emerging from my life for an entire  series of books on topics and challenges that people hunger to master.

You won't be getting just insights from me, but direct teachings that God has shown me, usually by helping me understand the purpose of what's going on in my life.

That's why this book is a memoir. I'll explain how He did it in my life in every story. I'll also unpack why God works the way He does, which will help you understand how He thinks, what He values in you and how He can help you work smarter, not harder, as you focus on your spiritual growth and character development.

Upcoming books will actually be of valuable use to you, and not just entertaining. However, the initial memoir drops a few bombshells since I've lived through an unusually interesting life. Yep, true story. Stay tuned as I work on the revelatory teaching parts currently being written to lead you through those journeys that I experienced.

On the right is an excerpt from my life story that should help you get a feel for this upcoming book. Keep in mind that it's a non-fiction MEMOIR, not a novel, so don't expect too much detail about the boring seasons of my life. I'll just skip over those. 

The memoir lends itself to being paired with a workshop participant's manual for small group spiritual development focus groups, if you also choose to get the participant guide workshop booklet &/or join a workshop or group study. Anyone can start a group study using this method. The manuals will be posted on this website later, after the memoir has a chance to stand on its own just to bless those who enjoy an inspirational recharge for the soul, without getting down to the mechanics of HOW to make it work for you. 

I keep the workshop stuff out of the stories, to not interrupt the flow of the true-life stories. You are invited to consider what personal or spiritual growth skills you would like to master and to invite your peeps to join you in getting a workshop, support group, Bible Study or other type of group study to be tailored to your interests. Just use the Book Judy page to email me and we can see what's possible.

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Here are some newly suggested titles for the memoir:

1. Where Is God When You Need Him?
2. How Does a Person Get Specific Answers from God?
3. Some Things Require Supernatural Help


For Now, Here's My Mini-Blog Here's a teaser portion from the first chapter.
As a toddler, my life took a turn toward the unique. That is just one instance of what makes my life so interesting. My parents had taken me and my sister from Virginia to Oregon. The following happened in Oregon:

When I was very small, around two or three years old, my mom and dad were arguing and I was listening and watching as they said mean things to each other, which brought Mom to tears. Daddy stomped out, furious, and then she called the neighbor lady, and Marion came over, and Mom asked her, “What am I going to do? I don't have a job. I don't have any skills. I have two little girls and I'm far away from my family back East, and here we are about to lose our home! and family! and marriage! Then she broke down and cried all the more. Marion started comforting her and said, “Don't worry, honey, God is good, and He will take care of you.”

I can still picture this event clearly in my mind today. Devastating things like this impact children greatly. And this was impressed upon my memory in full detail.
Watching all this, this toddler thought, “Well! If God is good, then we should go live with HIM!” That was good enough for me!

I heard the “God is good” part and these parents were not being good at all. They hurt each other deeply. So, I was on a mission to go find God. I banged on my highchair tray, since she totally forgot about me. She let me out and she kept on talking and had no clue that I had left. In fact, she never even knew that I was gone all day and didn’t come home until dark, which was when the big kids came home for dinner. After that I always got to stay out until the street lights turned on; same as the big kids. We lived a few blocks from a forest so I went there often since there were no kids my age nearby.
I couldn't find God in the forest but I kept looking there because I figured that's the best place, since I didn't think He’d be among mean people. I watched the animals and they were curious about me too, but none of them were God. I watched the trees and all the flowers and the sky. And I listened to the wind, but I didn't sense that God was any of those things.

Finally, I just said as emphatically as I could, “God, if you're here, or wherever you are,
I want YOU to be my mommy, my daddy, my sister AND my brother! I didn't have a brother, so I wanted God to be my adopted one. That gave me some peace in my mind.
After that day, I kept asking about God from all the grown-ups, but none of them could explain Him for who he was, or even a way to find Him. So, I figured if He heard me, then He would take me up on my request for Him to be my adopted family, since Marion said He was good. And that’s what I held on to as the marriage and our family disintegrated.

Mom was spaced out in her own world and emotionally unavailable. I had always been a nuisance to my sister, because she was four years older. Though we had nothing in common, I still admired her. But a wanna-be tag-a-long was disdained. So, I kept myself for God as my Daddy, my family. He alone became the one whom I tried to please.

My parents divorced and mom took me and my sister with her to live with her family back East. Her elderly, maiden aunt, Annabel, graciously took us into her home in Virginia, while Daddy moved to California.

When I was 8 years old Mom married Charlie, and on that day he entered the Army and became an officer. That crushed any hopes of my parents ever re-marrying. After the wedding, we moved to Ft. Custer Army Base in Battle Creek, Michigan. Charlie was a good man.
No God sightings yet, but I kept hoping.
(More to come later. Scroll down)

My Dad


Mom & Charlie


Spirit Sage Judy Secor    
A sage is an older, wiser, experienced one

"Hoping" hmmm ... I began to wonder if I knew what hope really was after all. Fast forward to age eleven. Charlie was a Military Police Criminologist and had been ordered to live in France for three years or so. We  got to go be with him shortly after he got settled. My sister, Bonnie, was leaving France to attend American dependents Frankfort High School in Germany. So she was giving me her hand-me-downs that she felt she would not need there. When she gave me The Holy Bible Annabel gave her, I was thrilled. I asked her to reconsider that she might need it there, being away from home. But she was sure she would not need it there. So I said, "Thank you very much!" and immediately left to go to my favorite place to read it.

I had never seen the inside of a bible before. At last I could find out about God! It was an old King James Version with red paint on the edges of the pages with a thin black cardboard like cover. I had asked our Army Chaplain's Assistant that, if I should ever get a bible, where should I begin reading it?

It was thick, small print, had no pictures and was packed full of content ...
a bit intimidating to an eleven year old novice. He had said, "Start with the Gospel of John." I discovered there were four books called John but only one that was the Gospel of John

My favorite place was what I called the 'third meadow' because it was three meadows past the canal boats' locks just beyond the first meadow behind our back yard. This third meadow bordered the Meuse River, which was a meandering, slowly moving, small river that had the historic village of Charney on it's opposite bank. We lived in Bras sur Meuse, a farming village. There was an old, working grist mill there, and the church bell tower had a still working clock that dated back to the time of Charlemange. It chimed out The Angelus with its bells every Saturday at dusk to call the farmers to prayer. There was a huge tree that had moss covered large protruging roots that draped over the edge of the river where the river embraced the tree and then fell off on its near side into a wide but short waterfall that replaced our side of the bank for about 300 yards. Below that was a series of pools and springs that were off limits to fishing because it was a fish spawning place.

There was a tree that had fallen into these ponds and you could walk on its horizontal trunk out over the fish and look into their hideout. Their silver bellies flashed in the sunlight as they quietly finned in place, just resting.
The waterfalls and springs sparkled in the sunlight, making it absolutely gorgeous, especially in the mornings. There were geese, cows and ducks peacefully grazing in that meadow. The blanket of flower patches here and there showcased brilliant hues of every color in perfect harmony with the lush green grasses. 

There I would sit on the large mossy tree roots and read. It was a daily experience of breathtaking splendor, peace and beauty. I couldn't ever remember being happier than I was then.
You'll be amazed at what happened next. ... Stay tuned ...


For this mini-blog, I solicit your experience in working with other formats, domains, as well as critiqueing my blog writing. Email me please. I'm gratefully open to all suggestions, guidance on blogs. 

Here is my first radio show since I now have my own radio program called, "Listening Well." Let me know what you think. How might I improve it? What topics interest you? Were you able to hear it clearly? Were you able to download it? or share it? I'm especially interested in if it's easy to share, or not. Please email your answers to me at and thanks for listening!  
Here's the second show.  It's about understanding the Bible.