Rev. Judy Secor, R.N., B.S., M.Div., 1992, Fuller Theological Seminary                 
Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Sage, Retired Senior Pastor  

Judy Secor firmly believes that everyone has the God given ability to grow, learn, attain success, and, in the process, grow in self-esteem and confidence.  She would love to celebrate those victories with you.  If you send her your own true story, and she publishes it, or parts of it, in any of her books, you will receive proper credit, and get a free signed copy of her upcoming book.    


“Judy, you did not just preach to me the right words from a polished sermon.
No, you preached to me by your actions."

"Now I have tools, the Holy Spirit, faith and hope."
"Judy is the best pastor and teacher I ever had.
Now I can hear Him speak to me.” 

Phyllis Hall

Judy with Jack Canfield, Author
of Chicken Soup for the Soul

JUDY'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 I cannot remember a time when I did not trust the Lord God Almighty. I've been a God chaser most of my life. However, there were many times when I was mad at Him. I realize that on the surface seems illogical. Don't expect to fully understand another person; it's almost as laughable as trying to understand God. A person's complex makeup runs deeper than we realize.
To me, there is no one as wonderful as God. When I got my first Bible at age 11, and read the life of Christ in the Gospel of John, I fell in love with the beauty of Jesus' holiness and gave my whole life to serve God. And when I told Him so, I then had a problem, because in my mind that meant I would have to be a pastor to serve Him full time. And in those days, girls couldn't be pastors. I mused about this to God, and sure as you can hear anyone nearby speaking, I heard God's actual words...but only in my mind, not in my ears...and this is what He said, "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."
I thought to myself, 'Well, He's God; He can do anything!' So I said to Him, "That's fine with me," and away I went to play. I figured that if it was truly God, then He would bring it to pass, and so I best not try to make it happen. I filed it in my memory and went on with my life until the day He should act on it. I told no one, because I did not want to mess with God’s way.
Then, one day my husband decided he wanted to go to Fuller Theological Seminary, so he told me he did not want to go unless I went with him. That's when I thought, "Bingo! That's God!" Then I said, "They won't let me in; I'm a woman." But I was wrong. I was the only one there who was still prejudiced against women pastors!
We became ordained reverends, planted two churches, pastored them for well over 20 years. And even after he died, I continued as the solo Sr. Pastor for 13 more years before retiring. I served in every role in the churches and their Corp. Boards while running my own business to support us. I saw God heal many hearts, bodies, souls, families, marriages, and many other miracles, like whenever He multiplied food for the poor or freely provided things needed for ministry.

As I see it, now that I'm retired, these are the things I bring to the opportunities I have now as Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Sage in revealing the ways God will work with anyone:

1. Since my parents divorced when I was a young child, I bring resilience and self-reliance. I consider resilience an asset, but self-reliance as a prideful hindrance to living under peaceful submission to God or other leaders.
2. Since I was in the top 10 percentile of the nation academically, I bring a deft resolve to mastering challenges. But most of all, I relish the challenge simply because it is a challenge. I truly enjoy a daunting task, and I am a full-on task oriented person.
3. Since I became a Registered Nurse and worked as a critical care high-tech specialist for over 30 years, and provided pastoral counseling as a church planter of two churches. I have a good idea of what makes people tick. I got that from pursuing an acute interest in the psychological, spiritual and social aspects of peoples' lives.
4. Since I was an Army brat (daughter) and traveled worldwide, I have developed a knack for communicating in many creative ways. And I learned to be sensitive to cultural differences.
5. Since I was widowed with four very young children when I was only 33, I learned the meaning of intense, searing, prolonged grief. I finally overcame my fear of being able to minister to those worse off than me. As a single mom for 2 years I have compassion for those who’ve had to postpone or sacrifice their education or career. Now being a widowed retiree, I finally have the time and freedom to be who I was meant to be at a pace that’s sustainable.
6. Since I had a child with a cleft palate--a very bad one; wide, bi-lateral, complete--I learned a lot about the sufferings of the handicapped and how it affects the entire family. She had 12 surgeries by the time she was 12.
7. Since I had a different infant screaming with unrequited pain for almost a year, I endured the dark night of the soul as all my raging prayers went unanswered. I did not do well on this one. I stayed hopping mad at God for over 2 years. I only learned that I have nothing to be proud of at all anymore, since in this testing of my character I failed miserably. But more importantly, I finally learned that God still loves me completely, no matter what. I cannot even begin to tell you how freeing that has been.

I also learned to embrace the reality that God is sovereign. He is God; I am not. He’s the one who gets to set the standards, rules and tests of my devoted life. He leads, I follow, defer and obey. Otherwise He’s not really my Lord and Master. I finally learned to face and admit reality. I’m only human, and my life belongs to Him; all of it. This is freeing indeed and comforting to me. I relax in His care.

I will go on. I was widowed a second time, after 24 years of a wonderful marriage. The first marriage was full of love too.
And I have had to face a horrific shock of discovering that an incurable, genetically caused dementia with relentless, progressive brain wasting, uncontrollable bursts of severe shaking, mental illness and finally paralysis has rocked our family.
I had to face helplessly watching my son and daughter's lives slowly ebbing away and die.
Yes, there are many things in my life to help me connect with the sorrows of people all around me, including the rigors of long term family caregiving. I’ve paid my dues in trying to manage intimidating, confusing forms from the government and getting frightening denial letters from their various welfare branches for the disabled.

I hope you will not think of me as a holier-than-thou person, even if I am a perfectionist who loves excellence.
I still understand failure and am well acquainted with grief.
But none of that will ever keep me from reaching for the stars, going for the gold, daring to dream the impossible dream.
I will always be an incurable dreamer who never gives up going for the best in myself and in others.
For I am persuaded and know that we are all made of extremely redeemable stuff.
So please understand if I get in your face and call you to greatness, even in the maddening midst of chaos.
I know God has put greatness in each one of us, and He can pull it out of us, much to our healing and joy.

Do come dream with me; the best is yet to be.

Judy is available as a guest speaker, having been Keynote Speaker for a large family camping organization and
guest speaker for smaller organizations and churches.

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